Unpolished 05: Confronting Fear

This episode focuses on what it’s like to put ourselves out there and the scary vulnerability that comes with testing and learning. We each share a personal story around the experience of offering our services for free in the spirit of moving our businesses forward. We also talk about how judging others is often a reflection of our own insecurities, how failure is just another way of learning, and the importance of building in recovery time once we take vulnerable actions.

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You can learn more about us and the businesses we’re building here:

Sarah Carpenter: http://www.candeleracoaching.com/

Stacy Weinstein: https://www.stacyweinstein.com/

One Reply to “Unpolished 05: Confronting Fear”

  1. When I am listening to this podcast I kinda feel like I’m sitting on a couch chatting with good friends. However these conversations have me feeling energized, inspired, understood and seen. The episode topics are relevant to me on the lots of levels from motherhood to business to navigating emotions and thoughts. I feel myself experiencing these ah-ha moments. And also this understanding that I’m not alone. Sarah and Stacy are unapologetically figuring life out with each episode and doing so with witty commentary, authentic advice and powerful wisdom. I’m tuning in because their podcast supports me in getting clear about what I want my my future to look like and how to find ease in my now.

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