Unpolished 09: The Art of Showing Up

What if we looked at every experience as an opportunity to learn something? When it comes to building our businesses, we’ve found that this approach really helps us stay open to possibilities and find even the smallest ways to move forward.

This episode starts off with Stacy sharing insights that she learned from a recent round of giving free coaching calls and how the idea of practicing confidence is more about getting out of our own way and letting it come through. We explore the idea that lessons can be learned from even the most toxic situations we find ourselves in, as well as the beauty of what hindsight can teach us.

The conversation then goes into the importance of looking for signs in our life to help us along our journey, in whatever spiritual or religious way that has meaning to you. We end the episode pondering the idea that we are all meant to be someone who truly changes the world—it just may look very different from person to person—and we look at small ways we can explore this in our daily lives. All we have to do is show up and be our authentic selves by sharing the gifts we have right in this moment.

Here is the link to the Huffington Post article Stacy mentions: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/stacy-cohen/taking-control-of-my-health-meant-taking-control-of-my-life_b_4920108.html?1394213181

And this book/TED Talk is a great place to start helping you get crystal clear on your purpose: https://startwithwhy.com/find-your-why?ref=home

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