Unpolished 10: Authenticity

We talk a lot about vulnerability on this podcast, and in this episode, we explore the idea of authenticity through two different analogies we’ve both come across. Sarah shares the metaphor of how we present ourselves to the world is like a room that we get to decorate however we want. It’s scary to present the room exactly as you want it, showcasing every detail that represents you, but having the courage to be exactly who we are is where we can find deeper joy.

When we think about how this applies to building our businesses, we want the right people to be drawn to our rooms. Yet sometimes we catch ourselves feeling like we need to do things a certain way that doesn’t feel authentic. We acknowledge that we have the power to change how our room looks, and sometimes it’s important to pause and redecorate based on how we’ve personally grown and evolved.

Stacy also shares an analogy she heard at a yoga class about how we are mirrors that reflect ourselves in what we see in others. Authenticity is about being a polished mirror—we need to make sure it’s not cloudy or dirty so our true selves can shine through.

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