Unpolished 17: When the Work Doesn’t Feel Productive

What happens when working doesn’t feel like work? Is it a sign that you’re not actually being productive? Or does it mean that you’re actually accomplishing a step on the path to your larger goal(s)? In this episode we talk about:

  • How to feel productive and accomplished when you’re doing something that doesn’t feel like work
  • The idea of gamification to create milestones that make you feel progress in your business
  • How to structure and label your time to acknowledge what’s contributing to your overall goals
  • Why it’s important to ask yourself what feels right in this moment
  • The need to train your brain to get out of “should” mode
  • The need to balance doing the things that are energizing to fuel you to do the things you don’t love (like folding laundry!)
  • Getting curious about what money we’re leaving on the table by not investing
  • Training our brain to have an abundance mindset

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