Unpolished 20: An Unpolished Journey Interview with Harper Spero

“There’s a lot of pressure to do things a certain way, and I’m doing my best to not let that prevent me from doing things the way I want to do it.”

In our first installment of The Unpolished Journey, we’re excited to chat with Harper Spero, a business coach and consultant from New York City. We talk about her journey from the corporate world to the entrepreneur world, her evolution as a coach, the fears she faced in building her business, and how she balances a chronic health illness with solopreneur life. Harper shares what she’s learned through taking risks, why being yourself is so hard but so important, and why getting clear on who your people are is so key to finding success.

To learn more about Harper and her business, you can check out www.harperspero.com. For our fantastic Unpolished listeners, Harper is offering 10% off any of her Breakthrough Sessions with the promo code UNPOLISHED: http://www.harperspero.com/breakthroughsessions/

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