Unpolished 32: Know Your People Not Your Critics

We often spend so much energy trying to convince people of our value or make ourselves into someone who we are not. It’s a disservice to people who could benefit from what we have to offer if we don’t own our talents and gifts and simply share who we truly are. Our people will be drawn to this—we don’t need to spend time explaining ourselves to our critics, yet this is what we often do.

Getting clear about who we are and what we’re passionate about is where we need to start. Working with the right type of support during this process (whether it’s a coach or a healer or someone else), can really help yet we can sometimes write these things off for being “too expensive”. There’s always a match of someone who we can afford, and it’s always worth it to make the investment in ourselves for the transformation that we will go through from working with the right person.

We need to stop waiting for the people who we think are judging to validate us. The easier route is actually to own who you are and just put it out there. How do you “do you”? What’s one thing you can do this week to own who you truly are and stop trying to convince your critics?

If Sarah or Stacy is the right type of support you need, we’d be honored to help you. You can learn more about us and the businesses we’re building here:

Sarah Carpenter:

Candelera Coaching Website  I  Instagram  I  Facebook

Stacy Weinstein:

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Feel free to reach out to us anytime at hello@unpolished.community

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