Unpolished 34: Fun Facts – Vol. 1

Being vulnerable, confronting our fears, taking a leap—the entrepreneur life can get super serious at times, and we thought it was time to bring some lightheartedness to this podcast and share more about who we are on a different level. So in this episode, you’ll learn some fun facts about Sarah and Stacy including:

  • Our first jobs
  • Our spirit animals
  • Our go-to karaoke song
  • Our irrational fear
  • Our favorite TV show

Sometimes it feels like we don’t bring enough of who we are to our businesses, and this is a reminder that we’re all humans, we need connection, and we need community. So how can you take a fun fact about yourself and weave it into your business? We’d love to hear it.

Here is Stacy’s wedding cake topper mentioned in the episode:

If Sarah or Stacy is the right type of support you need, we’d be honored to help you. You can learn more about us and the businesses we’re building here:

Sarah Carpenter:

Candelera Coaching Website  I  Instagram  I  Facebook

Stacy Weinstein:

Hello Healing Website  I  Instagram  I  Facebook

Feel free to reach out to us anytime at hello@unpolished.community

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