Unpolished 35: An Unpolished Journey Interview with Crystalee Beck

“We have the power to create what we want. It might take time or effort, but if we’re really committed to creating what we want and have a clear vision, we can absolutely do it.”

In this episode of the Unpolished Journey, we talk with Crystalee Beck, a mama of two cute mess-makers (with one more on the way!), writer, six-figure entrepreneur, and co-founder of The Mama Ladder International, an organization that empowers women at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. After leaving her corporate ladder job, she “created her own ladder” to fit her family in 2016. You can learn more about the programs they offer here: www.themamaladder.com and follow them on Instagram @themamaladder

We talk about how the idea for the mama ladder came to be, why the moment her son was born powerfully changed how she approached her life, and how balance and motivation are the keys to managing running a business and raising kids. So many people feel torn between a career and kids, and Crystalee shows us that you can do both in ways that are healthy and joyful by creating and building your own ladder. She also shares how we can all learn from the painful moments in our lives, and why that often turns into opportunities to do something great.

After listening to the episode, we’d love to hear from you—what does your ladder look like? What is the vision of the life you’re dreaming of, and what is one small step that you can take today that will help you get there?

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