Unpolished Rewind 8: Courage Over Comfort

It’s time to rewind to one of our oldies but goodies. Have you listened to this episode yet? 

What happens we finally take that leap and are able to move past our fear? In this episode, Stacy talks about her experience finally doing something that she had avoided for a while, and what happened as a result. We talk about why doing the scary things our intuition is pushing us toward is so important, and how we can view this process as a game instead of a scary mountain we have to climb alone.

Being authentic, vulnerable, and telling our story – whatever that may be in the moment – is all part of the process. The key is to find ways to learn from the experiences and adjust your actions from there. We also remind each other that confidence is not about having all the answers before we do something, and how important it is that we each share our unique gifts with the world. All we need to do is share what we’ve learned on our own paths so far.

We mention how Brene Brown’s work (especially this idea of courage over comfort from her book Rising Strong), and Amy Cuddy’s book Presence is really inspiring and helpful in fighting that fear that comes up for both of us. Both women have TED Talks worth watching:

Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk
Brene Brown’s TED Talk

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