Unpolished Rewind 07: The Vulnerability Hangover

Going back a whole year with this week’s rewind! 
Have you ever woken up the day after you’ve done something vulnerable and thought to yourself – oh my goodness, what did I do?! Well, that is what Brene Brown calls a vulnerability hangover. In this episode, we dive deep into this topic and talk about our recent experiences and what we do to recover.
We examine the different roadblocks we come up against as we try to take steps forward on our entrepreneurial journeys—fear, our inner critics, the seeking of validation—and we share different ways we can support ourselves to feel more secure with our progress. We can learn from even the smallest actions we take. The vulnerability hangover can be a sign that we’ve taken a big step forward. The key is to continue to ask ourselves: what did we learn from this?

Here’s a great article on the vulnerability hangover: https://www.wsj.com/articles/you-took-an-emotional-risk-now-what-1478536377

And here’s a blog post on how to identify your Inner Critic: http://www.taramohr.com/2012/01/7-ways-to-recognize-your-inner-critic/

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