Unpolished Rewind 22: An Unpolished Journey Interview with Emily Chipman

“It felt so much better to give it a try then to keep suppressing what was inside of me. . . We are so capable, more capable than we even know. Be brave and just go for it.”

In this Unpolished Journey Rewind, we have an inspiring conversation with Emily Chipman, founder of Doliray Swimwear. As a wife and mama of four young girls, Emily was looking for a creative outlet and found it in quite the unconventional place that originally felt impossible. She talks to us about how she didn’t ever think she could be capable of doing something like this until she learned to shift her mindset and began to talk about her dream as if it were her reality. Emily shares the lessons she’s learned as she navigated the unfamiliar world of manufacturing and how a combination of bravery, determination, and the willingness to be repeatedly embarrassed is how she approaches her entrepreneurial journey. We also discuss how she manages everything going on in her life to make time for what needs to get done, how she handles both good and bad days, and why she’s driven to set an example for her girls of showing them that anything is possible.

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