Unpolished Rewind 33: An Unpolished Journey Interview with Sam Kelly

“I think of failure as a closed door. It’s not a dead end, but it helps me move into a different direction. Nothing else teaches me as quickly, so then I say bring on the closed doors!”

In this episode of the Unpolished Journey, we talk with Sam Kelly—a family film photographer @samkelly_world based in Salt Lake City, UT and co-founder of @photonative, a large annual photography conference. With a Masters degree in Art Therapy Counseling, a self-published author, and experience teaching Stress Management at the college level, Sam loves anything and everything in which personal story, creativity, and healing intersect. Currently, Sam is a homeschooling mama of three and married to the most patient, supportive guy in the world.

We hear the story of how Photo Native came to be, why she almost decided to shut it down, and how it’s so important to approach a business from a place of finding a way to meet your people’s core needs of love and belonging.

We dive into the ideas of failure and fear and talk about how shifting our view on these can have a powerful impact on our life. Sam shares how losing all her clients was one of the best things that ever happened to her, and why not seeing that as a failure was a huge part of the entire trajectory of her career. There are so many ways to define success and making money is only one indicator, not the end all be all. Her best advice is to never stop being vulnerable— truly opening yourself up to others is the way to open doors faster than anything else.

Reframing failure as a closed door has really stuck with both us, and we encourage you to try on this mindset for the week. What would that mean if you looked at your failures as closed doors? Let us know in the comments below!

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