Unpolished 40: Finding Alignment

How we can we ever be successful if we never own what we’re good at? In this episode, we dive into the idea of alignment and how that shows up in a work environment. We talk about:  

  • The difference between feeling important at work and doing important work
  • Why it’s so important to truly know yourself and your strengths
  • How alignment is the key to living a fulfilled life

Our gifts and talents are unique to us and might not fit inside the “typical rulebook”, but we don’t always have to listen to the experts. When we put energy into things that are rewarding, we often find fulfillment in places we least expect. To support our journeys, we’ve found these three things to be the most important: 1) know yourself, 2) hire a coach, 3) find your people.

We’d love to know—how will you find better alignment this week? What’s one decision you can make differently by acknowledging what truly makes you happy and aligns with your strengths?

Here are the resources mentioned to help you know yourself:

Get your free astrology chart

Understand your personality type

Learn your top strengths

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