Unpolished 24: The Little Things Lead to the Big Things

We continue our conversation from previous episodes on the idea of “unfolding” and look at how truly surrendering to this process and noticing how all the little pieces fall into place helps take the pressure off. While this perspective is empowering, it’s certainly not our natural inclination and is a choice we have to continue to make over time by training our brain. We share specific examples from our lives as to how this is showing up for us and explore how even the small or frustrating parts of our experiences are still part of this unfolding process. If we do the work and let go of the outcomes, it’s a much more fulfilling approach.

Our challenge to you this week is to simply put something out there and be curious about what it will teach you. What’s one thing that’s inspired you or you’ve been contemplating? Go do that thing and let us know how it feels.

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