Unpolished 00: A Very Unpolished Introduction

Meet Sarah and Stacy, two women whose lives fatefully crossed paths on their entrepreneurial journey. This episode almost never saw the light of day, but in the spirit of being unpolished, we decided to share so people get to hear our story and understand how we met and why we decided to create this podcast in the first place.

We can find plenty of examples of people who “made it” on the entrepreneurial journey, but the middle part—the part that’s messy and hard and where both of us find ourselves —is typically glossed over with a “oh yeah it was really hard, but I pushed through and life is amazing now!”. Our goal with this podcast is to start a community of women like us by sharing our authentic conversations on what it’s really like to be a woman, a Mom, and an entrepreneur trying to build something to make an impact for ourselves, our families and the world.  This episode talks about our vision for this podcast and what types of conversations you can expect to hear from us.

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